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God designed us for community, whether you feel like a “people-person” or not, we all need each other. That’s why we have church life groups, to find community that has the potential to change our lives. Just like most things, you won’t know until you try!


This semester of life groups is 10 weeks long and goes from the week of January 22nd- April 1st. They meet every week across the city based on your season of life. These groups are gathering to discuss Sunday’s sermon.  


We are offering four classes that are meeting weekly at the church to help you grow in whatever season you are in.

Grief Share is a Biblically-based study to help those dealing with the pain and grief from the loss of a loved one. The purpose of this group is to help grieving people find healing and hope and turn their mourning to joy! This group is held at the church weekly on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm. The cost is $20 for the book; you can purchase or select “Pay Later” upon signup.

Join us every Tuesday at 6:30pm at the church! We will walk through a book designed to equip you to live a victorious & abundant life in Christ. This group will help you remove every obstacle that is stopping you from having a vibrant, healthy relationship with God and walk in true freedom. It will help you live in the “Tree of Life”, walk in the Spirit, surrender to Jesus, & speak words of life. Cost is $10/book; you can purchase or select “Pay Later” upon signup. Free Conference on Sat, 4/15.

Join us every Sunday from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the church! This class is for those who want to grow in their understanding of Christian doctrine. The book “The Foundation of Christian Doctrine” by Kevin Conner is required – please purchase through Amazon ($25 for physical copy or $10 for digital).

Join us every Tuesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm at the church! This class is a study from the book of Judges, which tells the stories of the first generation of Israelites who entered the Promised Land. It teaches us the dangers of moral relativism, and how we are all in need of a Savior. The book of Judges will offer us life lessons and also hope & encouragement that God hears us & is with us in our lowest moments

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