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God designed us for community, whether you feel like a “people-person” or not, we all need each other. That’s why we have church life groups, to find community that has the potential to change our lives. Just like most things, you won’t know until you try!

This semester we are coming together for a church wide study called “Who Am I”. This is an 8 week life group semester for everyone to be a part of. This means all the groups are the same, so we are dividing each group up by stage of life. Check out the directory to find the right group for you.

Weekly groups that meet during the weeks of September 11 – November 5

The Life Group discussions will be centered around the Sunday morning sermon series “Who Am I”. This series is all about discovering the person you were created to be. Life’s most basic question is also one of the most difficult to answer. Often it’s the first question we ask as a child and yet it’s never far from those about to take their last breath. We can avoid it, but deep down… every single one of us needs to answer this one simple question: Who Am I?
The series is based off the book “Who Am I” by Jeff Littel. If you would like to read the book you can, but it is not necessary or required to be a part of the life group.


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