W H A T  T O  E X P E C T



W E E K L Y   C L A S S E S

New Heights Leadership Academy (NHLA) provides you with an opportunity to receive personal and leadership development. NHLA will be held on Sunday nights from 4:00pm-6:00pm. This time includes: small groups, personal development, leadership development, and classes taught by Pastor Bill and the leadership team.


H O W   M U C H   D O E S   I T   C O S T?

Tuition is $25 a session. This includes your own personal workbook, snacks, & anything else to make NHLA an excellent experience. 


H O W   L O N G   I S   N H L A?

 NHLA is a yearlong program that is split up into four Sessions; with each Session being 8 weeks. Click HERE for specific dates.

W H A T  W I L L  I  B E  L E A R N I N G?

 Session 1 – CULTURE & VISION
The first Session of NHLA is all about learning the culture of New Heights Church. This semester gives students the opportunity to personally hear the who, what, and why behind New Heights Church from Pastor Bill.

Mission in Life | Security or Sabotage
Heart of Generosity | How Leaders Pray
Attitude | Cultivating People Skills
Spirit of Excellence | Spirit of Honor

Session 2 – DOCTRINE
The second Session of NHLA is all about learning Biblical doctrine. This session provides students with a deeper understanding of important spiritual matters that will accelerate your leadership capacity.

The Scriptures | God
The Holy Spirit | Angels
Satan & Demons | Christ
Sin & Atonement | Eternity

The third Session of NHLA is all about your personal development. Students will learn communication skills, spiritual gifts, and personality strengths. The goal of this class is that you leave fulfilled with the tools to lead more effectively.

Your Spiritual Gift | Time Management
Initiating Your Vision | Conflict Management
Critical Problem Solving | Team Work
A Life Above Reproach | Public Speaking

Session 4 – LEADERSHIP
The fourth Session of NHLA is all about refining and practicing your personal leadership. This semester teaches leadership principles that transfer to all areas of life.

How to Be an Influencer | How to Lead a Team
Overcoming our Limits | The Law of Consistency
The Leaders Test | A Leaders Inner Circle
How to Connect | The Secret Ingredient